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Introducing the u3a

The u3a is a learning co-operative of people no longer in full time work.

Anyone can join – all you need is interest and enthusiasm.

No qualifications are required and none are given.

The u3a offers the opportunity to share your knowledge, experience and talents with others and learn from them in a friendly environment.

Why not watch the video made by the u3a to show typical activities.

You can attend up to two taster sessions before joining to see if the u3a would suit you.

Membersip cost £15 per year, join in January you get 15 months membership for the price of 12.

Members get unlimited group attendance and free monthly meetings as part of their membership.

Join us...

Simply print a copy of the ‘Membership application form’ by clicking the link to the right, fill it in and send it to our Membership Secretary, Diana Coleridge at the address on the form. Remember to enclose the membership fee.

Alternatively and preferably (because it simplifies the process), click the link, print, complete and enclose a ‘Standing order mandate’ with your Membership application. Otherwise go to the Contact page where you can send Diana a message or telephone her.

Photograph of Vincent Sheppard
Vincent is our chairman.

Membership Application Form

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Standing Order Mandate

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