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Some Notes

The BBC’s World Service programmes are little-known in the UK, though over 1 million tune in at least monthly. The reach overseas is around 470 million. The World Service runs the ‘Outlook’ programme – during our night-time – which broadcasts “outstanding human interest stories” from around the world. A small group of Bridport U3A radio enthusiasts is sought – please contact [email protected] - to identify for U3A members say, the 100 most interesting of the 3,000 stories the BBC has on its Outlook data-base. The first six have been selected. Why not give one or more a try. Places available.

1. My Dad, Mohammad Ali. (27 minutes). Please click HERE

2. Wrongfully convicted of murdering my parents – by Marly Tankleff, who – as a result of the experience – eventually trained to become a Criminal Defence Lawyer. (23 minutes – another optional 10 minutes after this gives the follow-through). Please click HERE

3. Re film Il Postino – The actor who preferred to die rather than stop filming. (17 minutes). (If you’ve seen the film it’s a ‘must!) Please click HERE

4. Coming out made me a world-class referee: Nigel Owens. (23 minutes). Please click HERE

5. Concert pianist dangerously flees North Korea for playing wrong song. (23 minutes) HERE

6. Delightful zany love story (10 minutes). Please note this one is on the same programme as the N. Korean item above…when you reach the Outlook programme, just click on the arrow to start the recording and move the circle on the Time Bar though to 34 minutes 10 seconds, for the 10 minute story. Please click HERE