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At-Home Opera

Lots of free opera with English subtitles on offer as always this month. One excellent source is OperaVision. Just click HERE and then click any opera to watch it.

Also there are outstandingly good, free, nightly performances from the New York Metropolitan Opera. Each one is available to watch for just one day. Click HERE then scroll down and click on ‘Nightly Opera Stream’ half way down on the left side to watch that day’s offering. This month we’ll be watching Philip Glass’s Satyagraha, a modern opera about Ghandi (on 24 April in UK) and Beethoven’s only opera Fidelio (on 25th). It’s inspired by a true story from the French Revolution. Leonore’s husband Florestan has been secretly imprisoned by his political rival. Determined to rescue him, Leonore disguises herself as a young man named ‘Fidelio’ and gets a job in the prison where he is being held . . .

(To see what else is coming up, look a little further down for ‘Nightly Opera Streams; Upcoming Schedule’. Each will be available to watch for free via the ‘Nightly Opera Stream’ box any time ON THE DAY AFTER THE DATE SHOWN, from half past midnight until 11.30 pm. That’s because they start at 7.30 pm in New York. But don’t use that page to try to play them unless you want to pay for it!)

We’ll meet on Zoom to discuss what we’ve watched at 10.30 am on 28 April and you’ll be very welcome to join us.ots of free opera with English subtitles on offer as always this month.