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Thank you to everyone who has contributed this week. The deadline for contributions is Thursday 25 February 2021 and publication will be Saturday 27 February 2021.

The next topic is ' I once met a very large bear.'

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This weeks Contributions

Thank you to all our regular and occasional contributors this week for a great selection of limericks.

First, some more very fine things have been brought to our attention:

He showed me a very fine thing
A beautiful golden ring
I wanted not money
Or anything funny
Just commitment that was not a fling.

He showed me a very fine thing
He could dance and boy could he sing
We spun around the floor
Almost out through the door
My heart went ring, dinger zing.

He showed me a very fine thing
In a tiny box, a diamond ring
Would I try it on???
Oh yes, just for fun
'Course, it's for your sister, she's the one!

We've been watching a lot of TV in Lockdown (and LM also reminds us we
should be making the most of the new Bridport U3A website):

I watched the TV and I laughed
Was it satire or political craft?
Was it the actual PM?
Or comedy hour mayhem?
Either way it was utterly daft!

I watched the TV and I laughed
As a thought occurred, oh so daft,
When my mother-in-law
Comes through the door,
I will sit right there in the draught.

I watched the TV and laughed
when Gordon Ramsay broke his haft.
He dropped the knife,
and blamed his wife
that the kitchen was understaffed.

I watched the TV and I laughed,
Does the Health Sec. know for'ard from aft?
Such bloomin' nerve
When he said "Those we serve" ...
Was there ever an MP so daft?

I watched the TV and I laughed
Debbie McGee was being Halved
By Paul with a saw
I'd seen it before
But this time it was done with such craft.

I watched the TV and I laughed.
Kirsty showed the most absurd craft:
Turning spaghetti
To edible confetti?
She's vanished right up her own aft!

I watched the TV and I laughed.
The old sketch was really quite daft -
The parrot was dead,
A slug offered instead -
The Pythons, the top of their craft.

What Can I Do In Lockdown?
Oh lockdown! When will you end?
I am going around the bend
My house is so clean
The dog has a sheen
To Bridport's U3A website I must wend!

Have you seen the Bridport U3A Website?
Bridport's U3A website is a must!
It's a site you know you can trust
So much for us to do
You won't have time for the loo
Check out on Saturdays or BUST! 💨💨💥

The suggested first line for next week is: I once met a very large bear.
This is only a suggestion so please do adapt the words or make up your own first line, if you prefer.
Please send contributions to: [email protected]
Until next week

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