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Thank you very much to all our contributors this week for bringing the following selection of lesser-known Bridport stories to our attention.

The next topic is 'There was an old person from Swyre.'

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This weeks Contributions

"In Bridport a story was told"

In Bridport a story was told
How lead could be turned into gold.
By some silly quirk
It just didn't work -
And they said that the cauldron was cold.

In Bridport a story was told
Of a chap who donned a blindfold.
He climbed up some steps
Not wearing his specs
And found himself on the scaffold.

In Bridport a story was told
Of a lady so terribly old.
She remembers the war,
And what went before,
But yesterday, her memory's gone cold.

In Bridport market a story was told
How a stallholder was left in the cold
Me darlin's fiver the lot'
Holey briefs plus old chamber pot
'My ex's! In a slot under pot is a lot. SOLD.'

In Bridport Hospital a story was told
How at midnight going home tired and cold
Nurse found a pot of gold
Too heavy to hold, couldn't fold
A note: '1% is not enough be bold.'

n Bridport a story is told
Of a pirate both reckless and bold.
On leaving the sea
He became an MP,
And in dubious money he rolled!

In Bridport a story is told
Of some sheep who took over their fold.
They chased people away,
And are there to this day,
Although they're improbably old!

In Bridport a story was told
When a sheep escaped from its fold.
It wandered away -
For a year and a day -
Found at last in Stow-on-the-Wold.

In Bridport a story was told
Which might turn your blood very cold.
A ghost in a ballgown
Seen dancing around town
While her head - on the road - simply rolled.

The suggested first line for next week is: 'There was an old person from Swyre.' As ever, it's just a suggestion, so please do adapt these words or use your own first line if you prefer. Occasional contributors are always welcome and, while we have regular contributors, no-one has to commit to contributing a limerick every week. Please send contributions to: [email protected]

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