Bridport & District U3A Groups Listed by Week

Week 1 Morning Afternoon Evening
First Monday German Intermediate Play Reading 3; Mahjong    
First Tuesday Cryptic Crosswords; Spanish Beginners Rummikub; Railway Group
First Wednesday Strollers; Knit and Knatter French Scrabble    
First Thursday Singers Family History Limerick weekly entry in; Skittles.
First Friday Short Walks; Watercolour Painting; Book Group 6 Creative Writing    
Week 2 Morning Afternoon Evening
Second Monday German Intermediate; Zoom Chat; Gardens & Gardening 1 Music Appreciation 1; Enjoying Shakespeare    
Second Tuesday Cryptic Crosswords; Poetry for Pleasure 1 Practical Crafting; Book Groups 1 and 4; Music Appreciation 2    
Second Wednesday Bird Watching Canasta    
Second Thursday Art History Book Group 3-Crime Fiction Limerick weekly entry in.
Second Friday Political Discussion Play Reading 2; Needlework for Pleasure    
Week 3 Morning Afternoon Evening
Third Monday German Intermediate; Guitar Club Science & Technology    
Third Tuesday Cryptic Crosswords; Philosophy 2 Lunch Club Tuesday; Rummikub    
Third Wednesday Knit and Natter; Philosophy 1; Major Poet a Month Gardens and Gardening 2 Wine Appreciation
Third Thursday Walking (5 – 7 miles); Exploring Art; Singers Family History Limerick weekly entry in; Skittles.
Third Friday Watercolour Painting; History Creative Writing    
Week 4 Morning Afternoon Evening
Fourth Monday Zoom Chat; German Intermediate Architecture    
Fourth Tuesday Cryptic Crosswords Bridport & District U3A Monthly Talk    
Fourth Wednesday Opera Canasta
Fourth Thursday         Limerick weekly entry in.
Fourth Friday Book Groups 5 and 7; German Conversation Current Affairs; Needlework for Pleasure Puzzles for Fun monthly entries in

Groups That Do Not Fit A Weekly Pattern

Group Arrangements
Chess Club As the players agree
Cribbage Alternate Tuesdays 7pm
French Conversation Alternate Thursdays 11am
French-speaking Lunch Club Last Monday of month 12 noon
Italian Intermediate Alternate Fridays 10.30am
Isn’t That Interesting As arranged
Spanish Intermediate Alternate Thursdays 11am
Understanding Android Phones As arranged