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At-Home Board Games

As evenings draw in, and we may be spending more time at home, we’re creating a Forum for suggesting and investigating challenging Board Games, with a bit of a difference, to play for fun and to keep the mind working! For each game there would be a U3A member who would be happy to be an Adviser to others on the game e.g. over the phone/by email, and particular elements of its rules. Some recommended by members are:

Sequence: Board and Card game for 2-10 players. The board shows cards in a 10 x 10 pattern. Your task is to create rows, columns or diagonals of 5 connected squares. We find this is increasingly played by members and can be very absorbing. For 2-4 players. To learn more, please email Annie Grantham at [email protected]

Rummikub: Played with tiles on a table, for 2 – 4 players. You create runs of 3 or more tiles. There is a Rummikub group within U3A, and the group leader of that will be happy to give advice to this At Home group, for anyone wishing to play. Please contact Jill Harrison at [email protected]

Chess. Why not take up this ‘Game of Kings and King of Games?’..a Chess group was just getting underway as Lock-down arrived and hopefully you could join it as the situation changes. If anyone would like a game in the meantime – possibly but not necessarily by Zoom – each player having a board in front of them, please email [email protected]

Labyrinth. Advice can be given on this by Veronica Sheppard at [email protected] It is described as ‘a suspenseful game where the board is always changing’. For 2 - 4 players.

Good old-fashioned Jig-saws. Sales this year are apparently up around 150% as people increasingly test out skills and become absorbed.

Advisers are sought for Scrabble and Backgammon, and for other challenging, established games. Please contact John Grantham with ideas, focussing on board games suitable for 1 or for 2 people.